Making a Will is often something which you put to one side, as it makes you consider what will happen when you are no longer here. You may also worry that the process will be complicated and costly. At Williams & Co, we understand these worries and we aim to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Making a Will ensures that your wis*hes can be carried out, and money and possessions can be left to loved ones. Other reasons for making a Will include leaving gifts of cash or possessions to family members, appointing Guardians to look after young children, setting out your wishes for your funeral, safeguarding money for future generations or to tax plan.

Making your Will does not have to be a complex process and we can prepare a range of Wills, from very simple arrangements, to ones which are much more involved. Our Will Pack includes a Questionnaire which guides you through the matters you need to consider. If you are not sure about your requirements, we will arrange an appointment for you to discuss your Will with one of our Solicitors who will be happy to go through your wishes with you.

Our prices start from as little as £165 (plus VAT) and we are happy to offer concessionary rates for mirror Wills for couples, and discounts for Pensioners. Please ask for our Will Pack for full details.

Wills Team – Beverley Jones, David Williams.


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